Online Music Units University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania are running online units in music:

Music Skills B is a beginner online music theory and aural unit from the University of Tasmania. Music Skills B assumes a basic knowledge of music-reading and will introduce you to the structures of music theory through notation and listening. Read more

MusicFirst Online Classroom: ’15 Months for 12′

MusicFirst is adding 3 months to annual subscriptions of the MusicFirst Online Classroom (MFOC) for school orders received by September 30, 2016.


  1. Extra 3 months for purchases of the MFOC including any integrated software tools.
  2. FREE 1 Hour training webinar exclusively for staff of each participating school. To be Read more

MUSIC GAMES from Bushfire Press


We can cure the winter blues for you with some tried & true music games!
Yep – 25% off all our games titles till this Friday 5th August.
AND – 40% off if you purchase the bundle.

    Read more