Up The Guts – That’s a Wrap!

Up The Guts, over and out for another year.

It was a monster trip with all the highs and lows. But above all we set out and managed to achieve some incredible results in regional communities across Australia. We brought great experiences to places that are extremely isolated and connected Read more

Up The Guts Tour 2017 so far!

Up The Guts Tour 2017 hits the half-way point!

We have played 10 shows in 11 days and visited 7 schools hosting brilliant music development workshops with kids aged 12 – 17.

The bands are learning a lot about themselves and each other on tour and the excitement is infectious Read more

Ultimate Free Music Tech Resources Guide 2017

Each year I put together a list of free music tech resources and I've just published this year's guide (better late than never!). I'm also in the process of creating a series of lesson plans that utilise some of my favourite free resources from the guide (available soon!). Hope some Read more

Online Music Units University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania are running online units in music:

Music Skills B is a beginner online music theory and aural unit from the University of Tasmania. Music Skills B assumes a basic knowledge of music-reading and will introduce you to the structures of music theory through notation and listening. Read more