Online Music Units University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania are running online units in music:

Music Skills B is a beginner online music theory and aural unit from the University of Tasmania. Music Skills B assumes a basic knowledge of music-reading and will introduce you to the structures of music theory through notation and listening. Read more

MusicFirst Online Classroom: ’15 Months for 12′

MusicFirst is adding 3 months to annual subscriptions of the MusicFirst Online Classroom (MFOC) for school orders received by September 30, 2016.


  1. Extra 3 months for purchases of the MFOC including any integrated software tools.
  2. FREE 1 Hour training webinar exclusively for staff of each participating school. To be Read more

MUSIC GAMES from Bushfire Press


We can cure the winter blues for you with some tried & true music games!
Yep – 25% off all our games titles till this Friday 5th August.
AND – 40% off if you purchase the bundle.

    Read more

Note Perfect – Arts Centre Melbourne’s Accessible Music Program

Special World, an international online publication for special education teachers, therapists and schools, has published a fantastic news feature on Arts Centre Melbourne’s Accessible Music Program, relaxed performances and overarching access program. UK journalist Sal McKeown interviewed our amazing music therapists Tanya McKenna and Joanne Rimmer in person when she was Read more