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Whether it’s in a live performance situation or doing recordings, many of us have spent time trying to even out variations in sound levels of vocalists, instruments, and even the sound levels of a whole mix. We have had our hands almost glued to mixer faders to adjust to the changes.

This session will be a hands-on exploration of how to use Audio Compression to help even out levels.

Using the graphic interface of an iPad, in conjunction with listening and adjusting levels on wirelessly connected digital mixer, will have you understanding how to take the stress out of student performances, as well as achieve more punchy recordings.  Technical terms such as threshold, compression ratios, attack and release times, and gain will make perfect sense when you have worked through the practical examples in groups with headphones.

The other issue many of us have faced in school performances is the lack of ability to achieve a clean and clear sound for the audience. This is often due to the number of mics which need to be used on stage. The technique of gating mics is standard at concerts, and you will also learn how to significantly clean up the unwanted stage noise. Both techniques are also extremely valuable in the studio, and those needing to teach music production either live or in the studio will benefit from learning the tricks, and also saving them as presets to be called up instantly in the future.

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