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This  session  will  be  a  hands-on  opportunity  using  your  Ipad to learn the EQ techniques used by professional live sound engineers and in digital studios to sweeten the mix, optimize the sound in school performances. Whether you are a novice, or have some experience, using the simple and elegant visual interface on the Ipad, participants will be able to see and hear the impact of changes to the equalization of typical instrument,  drum  and  vocal  scenarios,  building  up  a  wealth of tips and tricks useful for enhancing student performance. The skills are invaluable as well for teaching music production in VET and similar courses. Typical examples include achieving clearer vocal tones, getting the nasty rings out of drum mics, and taming condenser mics used in school productions. 

Participants will work individually on their iPads, as well as working in small groups with headphones to wirelessly connect up to 8 iPads to the new Mackie DL1608 Digital Mixer to practice the techniques, and learn how to save the EQ settings they make as presets for instant recall. By the end of this session, the technical stuff about shelving, high pass filters, parametric EQ and Q values will all make sense. If you are thinking about purchasing PA equipment for your school in the near future, this session is also a must to see what is possible mixing from any seat in the audience with your iPad!

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