PA systems in Practice – Tips and Tricks

Information about powered and unpowered speakers, mics and DI's for instrument connections, audio connections, phantom power for DI boxes and condenser mics, equalization – channel and graphic, types of EQ, managing drums, filters, vocals, sends & faders brought forward to help you achieve a better understanding of how to operate your PA. Read more

Digital Mixers- Using the Flexibility

This document covers some of the ways to use features of many digital mixers available to schools, which teachers may not have encountered before and also great insights for students wishing to develop an understanding of current industry practice. Topics covered include auxiliary sends for monitors and effects, optimizing signal levels Read more

Digital Mixers – Making Student Performances Sound Great

This document examines the common features of Digitial Mixers that are not only affordable but provide unparalleled control over the sound for productions and performances. With focus on the Roland M200i Mixer, an advanced product that allows schools to experience great sound, powerful & flexible control, scene storage, multiple ins and outs, Read more

Changes affecting wireless microphone users

ACMA (The Australian Communications and Media Authority) has put out a fact sheet on changes that will affect wireless microphones.

These changes are part of the Federal government’s work to clear specific radiofrequency spectrum (known as the ‘digital dividend’) to use for 4G mobile broadband services from 1 January 2015. Read more

iPad and Jamhub Silent Rehearsal

This document outlines the range of technologies that are used in the Musical Futures classes at Doveton College –  a brand new school where it was decided to look at the music classes and department itself as a completely blank canvas, without any historical or cultural influences, and explore various hardware, including Read more


This document discusses the integration of music technology into VET Music programs and demonstrates the TPN VET teaching and learning materials that are currently used in around 100 schools nationally. The first half looks at the VET in Schools sector, the arrangements between schools and RTOs, and also popular qualifications and Read more

Choosing a School PA System – Basics

This document outlines the simple considerations for choosing and learning how to run a small PA system for school use. It includes a discussion of the basic elements of the PA, and then looks at the use of the various mixer controls in a couple of small scenarios. The practical Read more