Allocation of resources to Secondary Colleges

Allocation of resources to Westernport and Dromana Secondary Colleges

Funds and resources in memory of the Late Geoff Brash AM have recently been awarded to Westernport and Dromana Secondary Colleges from the Mornington Peninsula following their successful submissions outlining how they would be used to enhance the lives of students through their music programs. The schools demonstrated clarity of vision as to how to use the technology. a clear picture of what would be done with the resources to achieve best outcomes for students and the school community, the socio-economic factors at play in the community and the existing resources the school had to both bridge gaps, and also potentially link with new resources for maximum benefit. The pictures show the presentation to Westernport SC of 3 Roland HD1digital drum kits, and 1 Jam Hub to allow for silent rehearsal plus a cheque for $8800.

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Victorian Govt Enquiry into Music Education

Music Education organisations have come together to welcome the findings of the Inquiry into the extent, benefits and potential of music education in Victorian schools . And, in particular, the recognition by the Victorian Parliament that, “music education should be an essential part of every young person’s education” and that “music plays and important role in learning, in personal and societal development and, as an economic contributor to this state”.

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