The University of Tasmania are running online units in music:

Music Skills B is a beginner online music theory and aural unit from the University of Tasmania. Music Skills B assumes a basic knowledge of music-reading and will introduce you to the structures of music theory through notation and listening.

  • Write and read pitch and rhythm components of music notation;
  • Write and read major and minor scales, intervals, key signatures, diatonic triads and organise rhythm in simple and compound meters;
  • Identify and apply correct musical terminology to describe elements of pitch and rhythm;

Aurally recognise and interpret these music elements through graded listening and transcription assignments.

Students enrolled in Music Skills B also get free access to this Musition and Auralia, online cloud-based music software from Rising Software.

This units will not incur tuition fees or debt and is also exempt from the SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee). Applications are now open and can be applied for at the above links.

The Faculty of Arts offers a number of units with fees concessions. These are generally online units in subject areas that develop skills that are critical to community advancement and social engagement and cohesion – and we believe these concessions are part of meeting our university's broad community obligation.

For many potential students, the cost of university study is a significant barrier; and those who haven't studied for some time appreciate the opportunity to develop confidence in their ability to succeed at university without the pressure of tuition fees.