Supporting access to music making opportunities so that our communities are enriched by engaging music participation.


Seek support for effective music making initiatives that provide creative music making opportunities for those individuals and communities that might otherwise not have that opportunity readily available.


The Soundhouse Music Alliance is a not for profit organisation, with DGR tax deductible status, which has operated over a 30 year period.  Its aim has always been to encourage community members to become creators of music rather than passive consumers.

Many key partnerships with schools and cultural organisations, state education authorities and specific provider groups have been forged over this period to broaden the range of programs supported through Soundhouse Music Alliance.

Recent examples have included:

  • the rollout of the Musical Futures program, which was also supported by the Australian Music Association and the NAMM foundation grant program. This was done in conjunction with participating schools and state education authorities
  • seeking to support the further the trialing and implementation of the Young Warriors program, again working with Australian Music Association
  • an update program for the Soundhouse Special Access Kit used to assist those with special needs access meaningful and engaging music making

The Soundhouse Music Alliance Board is keen to develop new relationships, and identify projects which can be supported to promote its original aim of “enjoy, play, compose, & create music.”

In 2017, the Soundhouse Music Alliance has strengthened its relationship with the Australian Music Association, entering into an agreement to become its preferred charity, thus bringing together some of the generous support already provided by the music products industry.

The Alliance will continue other fundraising activities to support the undertaking of projects, and donations and grant applications will form another significant part of the strategy to fund quality initiatives.

The Soundhouse Music Alliance promotes the right for all to:

  • express themselves musically
  • learn musical languages and skills;
  • participate in engaging music programs.


Adrian Alexander

Chairman, Soundhouse Music Alliance