Weekend Warriors announces partnership with SoundHouse Music Alliance

Weekend Warriors Australia has announced a partnership with Soundhouse Music Alliance, the music products industry Charity, which encourages Host stores, participants in the Weekend Warriors program and patrons at the Big Gig to choose Soundhouse Music Alliance as their Charity of Choice.

Weekend Warrior host stores, patrons and state clubs have long been contributors to charities associated with music and special needs, as part of their events program.

Australian Music Vault – Exciting News!

Arts Centre Melbourne has some exciting news, the Australian Music Vault has just opened! The AMV is a celebration of contemporary Australian music – a place to share memories, discover artists, and write the stories of Australian music, past and present. It includes a 3 year exhibition at Arts Centre Melbourne, a digital experience, and a Learning program. The Australian Music Vault Learning Program is a key component of the project, consisting of a schools program and a public program. The schools program links with students, teachers and school communities, offering online resources, workshops and music participation programs as a way of engaging with the contemporary Australian music story. A key part of the AMV Learning Program is the AMV Choir project, with a key objective of encouraging more young people to sing Australian music. Teachers and community groups will be supported with rock band and choir arrangements of great Australian songs by artists such as Paul Kelly, Midnight Oil and Sia. The first song arranged for the AMV choir is Killing Heidi’s Weir. You can hear Ella Hooper from Killing Heidi speaking about the project here.

The public program supports creatives in their artistic practice, creating a supportive environment through discussion, meetups and workshops where they can share stories, experiences and inspirations. The Australian Music Vault Learning Program invites everyone to deepen their connection with, and contribute to, the Australian music story. In 2018, January 22 – 25 is the AMV Academy, four days of creative music and arts workshops for people aged 14 – 18, with a range of talented mentors including song writing with writer/producer Anna Laverty (Meg Mac, Paul Dempsey, Courtney Barnett) and producer/DJ KLP (triple J), Ableton workshops with artist/producer Alice Ivy, lyric writing with hip-hop artist Mantra, VJing with visual artist Rose Staff, band photography with Warwick Baker, and DJing with Mz Rizk. Participants will also have the opportunity to use The Channel’s recording studio to learn to record their own music. The AMV Academy is proudly supported by APRA AMCOS.

The Australian Music Vault is as much about the future of music as the past. Sound As Ever, an Australian Music Vault podcast, will offer a youth perspective on issues within the Australian contemporary music industry. Six young content makers and radio producers from SYN Media will produce podcast episodes that delve into challenges and issues facing the music industry, highlight brilliant Australian music and discuss perspectives on the music community. The Stories of Australian Music Talk series, will also beginning in 2018, focussing on telling the stories and exploring the issues of Australian music across all perspectives.

So check out the Australian Music Vault at Arts Centre Melbourne and get online to www.australianmusicvault.com.au to see the associated learning programs. Get in touch with Amy Bennett if you have any queries, we look forward to having you involved!

Up The Guts – That’s a Wrap!

Up The Guts, over and out for another year.

It was a monster trip with all the highs and lows. But above all we set out and managed to achieve some incredible results in regional communities across Australia. We brought great experiences to places that are extremely isolated and connected with indigenous Australia through a means that so many can relate to. Music.

We played 18 shows
With 2,286 attendees
We delivered 12 regional workshops
With 587 school kids
We drove 9,388kms from Melbourne – Darwin (and back)
Filling up in VIC, SA and NT 33 times!

AMA / Soundhouse support in the second year was profound. We managed to spend time and share knowledge with three very inspiring communities thats to you. Your commitment and contribution to allowing this not for profit tour to happen,all of it is so greatly appreciated and we thank you for your support in year two.

Here are some of my favourite Soundhouse x Guts images. And here is a link to an awesome video we shot for you guys http://bit.ly/2fhrG51

Up The Guts Tour 2017 so far!

Up The Guts Tour 2017 hits the half-way point!

We have played 10 shows in 11 days and visited 7 schools hosting brilliant music development workshops with kids aged 12 – 17.

The bands are learning a lot about themselves and each other on tour and the excitement is infectious around this next stage up the red centre. 

There have been brilliant shows with unexpected turn outs, and shows we’d probably prefer to forget. But that is regional touring! The moral stays strong and workshops have been unbelievably grounding for all involved.

Here are some highlights of the tour so far:


Online Music Units University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania are running online units in music:

Music Skills B is a beginner online music theory and aural unit from the University of Tasmania. Music Skills B assumes a basic knowledge of music-reading and will introduce you to the structures of music theory through notation and listening.

  • Write and read pitch and rhythm components of music notation;
  • Write and read major and minor scales, intervals, key signatures, diatonic triads and organise rhythm in simple and compound meters;
  • Identify and apply correct musical terminology to describe elements of pitch and rhythm;

Aurally recognise and interpret these music elements through graded listening and transcription assignments.

Students enrolled in Music Skills B also get free access to this Musition and Auralia, online cloud-based music software from Rising Software.


This units will not incur tuition fees or debt and is also exempt from the SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee). Applications are now open and can be applied for at the above links.

The Faculty of Arts offers a number of units with fees concessions. These are generally online units in subject areas that develop skills that are critical to community advancement and social engagement and cohesion – and we believe these concessions are part of meeting our university's broad community obligation.

For many potential students, the cost of university study is a significant barrier; and those who haven't studied for some time appreciate the opportunity to develop confidence in their ability to succeed at university without the pressure of tuition fees.