ARC Children’s Choir seeking Assistant Choral Conductor

ARC Children’s Choir, seeking Assistant Choral Conductor, Wednesday’s in Preston 4.15-5.45. Commencing February 2018.

ARC children’s choir is seeking an assistant to the musical director, starting term 1 2018.

The successful candidate will display the following criteria.

  1. A sound musical education (B.Mus graduate or current student), specialising in voice, with keyboard skills a distinct advantage.
  2. Knowledge of vocal teaching practises and especially of nurturing and developing young voices.
  3. Knowledge of Kodaly method and the ability to work in solfa.
  4. A natural rapport with children and the ability to command the attention of a group of children.
  5. Knowledge of the AMEB musical theatre syllabus and the skills needed to successfully prepare candidates for exams. 
  6. A strong singer with excellent sight singing skills.

The successful candidate will be expected to collaborate with the musical director during rehearsals. As there is a junior and senior group starting at staggered times, the assistant will sometimes lead a group or start warm ups with the next group of children arriving. The musical director plans all rehearsals and chooses music so this is an ideal position for a choral conductor looking to build experience through mentoring.

Payment will be $75.00 for each session. Availability on weekends is required approximately once a term for workshops or performances. Selection will be through interview and a paid trial period. WWCC essential. 

To apply for this position or for additional information please email Jane Murone or call 0414653306.

Online Music Units University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania are running online units in music:

Music Skills B is a beginner online music theory and aural unit from the University of Tasmania. Music Skills B assumes a basic knowledge of music-reading and will introduce you to the structures of music theory through notation and listening.

  • Write and read pitch and rhythm components of music notation;
  • Write and read major and minor scales, intervals, key signatures, diatonic triads and organise rhythm in simple and compound meters;
  • Identify and apply correct musical terminology to describe elements of pitch and rhythm;

Aurally recognise and interpret these music elements through graded listening and transcription assignments.

Students enrolled in Music Skills B also get free access to this Musition and Auralia, online cloud-based music software from Rising Software.

This units will not incur tuition fees or debt and is also exempt from the SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee). Applications are now open and can be applied for at the above links.

The Faculty of Arts offers a number of units with fees concessions. These are generally online units in subject areas that develop skills that are critical to community advancement and social engagement and cohesion – and we believe these concessions are part of meeting our university's broad community obligation.

For many potential students, the cost of university study is a significant barrier; and those who haven't studied for some time appreciate the opportunity to develop confidence in their ability to succeed at university without the pressure of tuition fees.

Music Technology: iPads for Conductors, Arrangers and Studio Teachers

Music Technology: iPads for Conductors, Arrangers and Studio Teachers

Date: Monday, 14 November

Presented by: Katie Wardrobe

Cost: $180 (members). $260 (non members)

Time: 9.30am – 3.15pm

Venue: Music Studio, Level 5, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, 234 Queensberry Street, Carlton

To register:

During this workshop, we’ll look at the many clever ways you can use your iPad while teaching students, rehearsing ensembles, arranging and composing.  We’ll look at digitising your sheet music library, creating quick backing tracks, recording student practice sessions and performances, “flipping” your teaching to get the most out of lesson and rehearsals, and how to make ear-training and scales practice exciting (yes, really!).  

This full-day workshop will be broken into 3 parts:

Session 1: Introduction and 5 Super-Fast Things You Can Do With The GarageBand App
10.00am – 11.30am

We'll start with an overview of the different ways the iPad can be used in the teaching studio and ensemble rehearsal including ideas for:
while-you-wait student activities

We'll get hands-on with the GarageBand app and explore 5 super-fast things you can do with your students:
How to make scales practice exciting
How to create a playalong track in less than 5 minutes
How to create a silent rehearsal studio
How to record a student vocal or instrumental solo over a backing track
How to use GarageBand for improvisation with students of all levels – from novices to advanced players

We'll also explore some of the optional "extras" that go with your iPad: 
Guitar interfaces
MIDI keyboards
Bluetooth foot pedals

Session 2: Flipping your teaching and tracking student progress
12.00pm – 1.30pm

During this session we'll explore ways you can track student progress and wow their parents. You can also use the same techniques to teach your students outside lesson time.
How to take advantage of the iPad camera and microphone to record students
Tips for making better videos and audio recordings
How to get videos and audio files off your device
How to give students and parents access to video and audio files
Innovative ways to share your student's progress with others and show off what you do
Inspired ways to teach students outside lesson time

We'll also look at how you can use your iPad as a transcription & rehearsal "assistant"
How to play back songs with greater control
How to mark song sections so you can easily jump to the part you want
How to loop playback of just a couple of bars 
How to set playback of a difficult section to get gradually faster as you practice
How to instantly transpose a song 
How to instantly slow down or speed up a song

Session 3: Digitising and Managing Sheet Music
2.00pm – 3.15pm

In the final part of the day, we'll look at ways to digitise and manage your sheet music library and charts.

Working with the ForScore app, learn:
How to import music
How to organise your songs into set lists
How to annotate your scores
How to set up repeats so you can jump pages with one tap (this one is so good!)
How to add a backing/rehearsal track to a score
How to use a foot pedal for hands-free page turning

We'll also look at chart-reading options including:
Onsong – lyrics and chords
iRealB – a digital version of the jazz Real Book with thousands of songs and playalong styles
Discover how to create your own charts from scratch in these apps, how to use them in live performances, how to transpose charts instantly and more.

What To Bring

1. An iPad, fully charged with the following apps installed:
GarageBand ($7.99) 
Anytune Pro Lite Version (free) 
ForScore ($14.99)

2. Headphones

3. Your charger and cable

Daily Schedule

9.30am: Arrival, coffee and set up
10.00am: Session 1
11.30am: Morning tea
12.00pm: Session 2
1.30pm: Lunch
2.00pm: Session 3
3.15pm: Conclusion

About Katie Wardrobe

Katie Wardrobe is a qualified teacher (Bachelor of Music, Hons) who enjoys helping people who are short on time and dislike reading software manuals. She is a Sibelius Training Partner and has also worked for Sibelius Australia as an Education and Support Specialist, presenting workshops and demonstrations at events around Australia. She has worked as a freelance copyist, music arranger and transcriber for more than 20 years and is a member of the Music Arrangers Guild of Australia. Katie now runs her own business – Midnight Music – which specialises in music technology training for educators and students. For more information visit


Free Online Training: Music Tech Lessons for Chromebooks and Mixed Devices

Hello Amusers,

I've recently put together a free online training session for those wanting to know more about music tech ideas that work for Chromebooks and/or mixed devices (laptops, iPads etc).
The session is 60 minutes long and a certificate of attendance is provided to those that stay for the full session.
This is a "webinar on demand" so there are multiple session time choices (click on the registration link below to see the options). 

Session title: Music Tech Lessons For Schools With Chromebooks, BYOD & Mixed Devices 
Cost: Free
Length: 60 minutes
Day/Time: Multiple options (click registration link to see times)
PD certificate: Yes
Registration & more info: click here to register

Here's what other teachers have said about the session:

"Very creative, great ideas and super easy to follow!" – Stacey Begg

"This session gives you great tips and resources that you likely have never heard before! It was concise and yet thorough. I was able to use some of the ideas the very next day!" – Crystal Gelowitz

"The session was very informative with lots of practical information and tips. Katie is a very knowledgeable presenter. Definitely worth doing!" – Glenis Zala


All the best, 

Katie Wardrobe 

MusicFirst Online Classroom: ’15 Months for 12′

MusicFirst is adding 3 months to annual subscriptions of the MusicFirst Online Classroom (MFOC) for school orders received by September 30, 2016.


  1. Extra 3 months for purchases of the MFOC including any integrated software tools.
  2. FREE 1 Hour training webinar exclusively for staff of each participating school. To be scheduled as convenient from September 5, 2016 to the end of the school year.
  3. Orders must be received by September 30, 2016.
  4. Effective start date of subscription to be no later than October 1, 2016.

NB: MFOC includes the Soundation DAW software FREE.

This is a very good opportunity for schools to make a significant saving and make good use of 3 additional months for planning, training and full implementation in 2017 or earlier.

If you have any queries and/or would like to have a trial of the MusicFirst Online Classroom, please contact me or one of our education resellers:

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