Harmonisation on an iPad

This document provides steps to create harmonisation on an iPad with the use of Garageband, there's information about adding your harmonies, saving the pieces and extension activities.

iPads and iDoceo (App) Getting Started, Fundamentals & More

Enhance your teaching and learning, planning and student data collection. iDoceo is great for every music classroom as it is an electronic mark book and roll, calendar, lesson planner, resource centre and timetable – all in one place! Search this document for more information about this extremely beneficial application.

Total iPad Solutions

Total iPad solutions for the music classroom or ensemble provides top examples of technology based lesson plans for both classroom and instrumentasl teachers. From cloud storage (drop box, google drive, etc), the comparison of various web based LMS style programs (Schoology, WordPress, Stile) as well as working examples that presenters have using whilst running their classroom, instrumental lessons, ensembles, music technology or VET Technical Production classes.

Apps For The Instrumental Music Teacher Volume 2

This document holds information about the various applications available for music teachers to incorporate into their band rehearsals, lesson plans and music programs which are both useful and engaging for students to improve their ensemble and inidividual music skills.

iPads In The Middle Primary Music Classroom

iPad's as an IWB, relmotely control your laptop, display iPad screen via Airplay, Dropbox & Airdrop, using pages as a tool for your teaching, pages and QR codes: interactive posters, book creator, signature ringtones ipad unit are some of the topics dicussed in this document in order to help students work more creatively in the classroom with technology.

Digital Mixers – Making Student Performances Sound Great

This document examines the common features of Digitial Mixers that are not only affordable but provide unparalleled control over the sound for productions and performances. With focus on the Roland M200i Mixer, an advanced product that allows schools to experience great sound, powerful & flexible control, scene storage, multiple ins and outs, as well as iPad and laptop connectivity, this resource contains detailed product features juxtaposed with their corresponding applications and scholastic benefits.

Garage Band & Musical Composition

This summary document explores the possibility of using the software as a tool for learning basic musical elements such as rhythm, harmony, melody, texture and structure in greater depth. This approach, therefore, aims to encourage critical listening and original composition.
In the first half of the presentation, Dr Nelson Wu focusses on how to use Garageband
to encourage students to engage with basic musical elements through two composition tasks. In the second half , Mr Andrew Small discusses how to use visuals to aid composition.

WIX.COM Interactive Websites

Anyone, including your department, can make professional, media rich websites for free.
Ever given the task to your students to make a PowerPoint presentation or Keynote on the “Instruments of the Orchestra?” Or to write a report, collate some links orjust research “World Music?” Where is the “music” in this? How are your students involved in the world of music or interacting with orchestra timbres? With Wix.com students can create windows into their own learning with real music and performances!