Engagement in Compulsory Music (Keyboard Evolution)

Keyboard Evolution is a unique curriculum based music program for first year high school, which offers easy-to-implement solution to keyboard music in the classroom. It covers all the core elements and many of the key concepts of music understanding in a fun and relevant way for both teachers and students. It can be executed on most brands of portable keyboards or in a lab-style environment. There are two documents provided, one is a brochure outlining everything you need to know about this fantastic program as well as program overview document.

The New Printing Press


We'll show you the evoulution of our award-winning classroom music program MUSIC ROOM from print & disc edition to interactive whiteboard and on to iPad. We'll show you our web-delivered RECORDER ROOM – which features a 'flipped classroom' approach, where students log in at home to practice and to view videos & charts for the next lesson… and we'll show you our 'Orff eBooks', WE'RE ORFF! series.

PA systems in Practice – Tips and Tricks

Information about powered and unpowered speakers, mics and DI's for instrument connections, audio connections, phantom power for DI boxes and condenser mics, equalization – channel and graphic, types of EQ, managing drums, filters, vocals, sends & faders brought forward to help you achieve a better understanding of how to operate your PA. This document highlights what should be connected to what including how to do it safely and cleanly.

Digital Mixers- Using the Flexibility

This document covers some of the ways to use features of many digital mixers available to schools, which teachers may not have encountered before and also great insights for students wishing to develop an understanding of current industry practice. Topics covered include auxiliary sends for monitors and effects, optimizing signal levels – gates and compression, how to use a matrix to send various signals to video or other applications using programmable buttons to keep sane during the show.

Digital Mixers – Making Student Performances Sound Great

This document examines the common features of Digitial Mixers that are not only affordable but provide unparalleled control over the sound for productions and performances. With focus on the Roland M200i Mixer, an advanced product that allows schools to experience great sound, powerful & flexible control, scene storage, multiple ins and outs, as well as iPad and laptop connectivity, this resource contains detailed product features juxtaposed with their corresponding applications and scholastic benefits.


This document provides a brief overview of what is involved in podcasting, what you need to do it, and some examples of how it can be incorporated into various aspects of the music and broader curriculum.

Dedicated Recording Devices

A brief summary of devices from Roland which can be used in a range of recording situations in schools, and not require a computer as the heart of the system. Current 2011.

Recording the Big Stuff

This document is a session outline from mtec2011 in which Myke Ireland looks at microphone choices and placement for recording large ensembles. Although brief, it may prompt experimentation with existing resources such as condensor microphones in a school, or prompt teachers to research types of mikes and miking techniques referred to in the document.


This document is a great starting point for those who wish to get into using music technology, but do not know of the different types of technologies such as audio, midi, looping etc, plus do not know what they need, how to connect it, and how to install things such as drivers and why they are necessary.