Designing Learning Tutorials Using Screen Flow

These session notes will take you through all the skills and strategies needed to assemble your own learning tutorial movies using the Mac Software ScreenFlow. The session will also demonstrate a constructivist influenced learning framework titled EMDCARE. The framework is based upon recent research into Music ICT pedagogy. The EMDCARE acronym represents the following stages; Experimentation, Modification, Deconstruction, Construction, Application Reflection and Extension. These stages support a creative approach to building knowledge and understanding through a guided process of learner exploration, discovery and application.

Studio Sessions – The Answer To Integrating Technology Into High School Music Classrooms

Studio Sessions is a contemporary ICT curriculum program for High School clasroom music. With multiple delivery options provided, Studio Sessions can be implemented to suit your schools' requirements. The 10 Session format can be completed intensively over one term or spread out over 6 or 12 months. Studio Sessions is a dynamic curriculum model encompassing teacher/student feedback and regular content updates to ensure the ongoing relevance of the program. Studio Sessions can be delivered within the classroom using keyboards, computers, iPads or recordable devices such as the JamHub. Each Session contains specialised instructional videos specific to your chosen hardware/sofware options. This resource provides you with a brochure with more information about Studio Sessions as well as a Program Overview example document.

Total iPad Solutions

Total iPad solutions for the music classroom or ensemble provides top examples of technology based lesson plans for both classroom and instrumentasl teachers. From cloud storage (drop box, google drive, etc), the comparison of various web based LMS style programs (Schoology, WordPress, Stile) as well as working examples that presenters have using whilst running their classroom, instrumental lessons, ensembles, music technology or VET Technical Production classes.

Redefine Your Classroom Using The SAMR Model

Unpack the SAMR model for integrating technology into the music classroom/rehearsal in an attempt to supercharge the teaching and learning outcomes of your students.  A hands-on approach will call upon the collective experience of the room, utilizing the power of collaboration to generate creative ideas/solutions for the integration of technology.  Working in groups, delegates will use the iPad in conjunction with a range of apps to create/enhance a lesson/unit.

Making Beautiful Websites (Weebly Education)

Don't ask your students to hand in their work, ask them to publish it online via weebly education! This documents outlines the uses of having weebly education in your classroom including everything you need to know about supervision and security, assessment benefits, online digital community involvement and all the information about how to create amazing looking websites for your 21st century classroom that can be opened on laptops, ipads and phones, making projects and student feedback and assessment more convenient, accessible and fun for all.

Apps For The Instrumental Music Teacher Volume 2

This document holds information about the various applications available for music teachers to incorporate into their band rehearsals, lesson plans and music programs which are both useful and engaging for students to improve their ensemble and inidividual music skills.

The New Printing Press


We'll show you the evoulution of our award-winning classroom music program MUSIC ROOM from print & disc edition to interactive whiteboard and on to iPad. We'll show you our web-delivered RECORDER ROOM – which features a 'flipped classroom' approach, where students log in at home to practice and to view videos & charts for the next lesson… and we'll show you our 'Orff eBooks', WE'RE ORFF! series.

iPads In The Middle Primary Music Classroom

iPad's as an IWB, relmotely control your laptop, display iPad screen via Airplay, Dropbox & Airdrop, using pages as a tool for your teaching, pages and QR codes: interactive posters, book creator, signature ringtones ipad unit are some of the topics dicussed in this document in order to help students work more creatively in the classroom with technology.