The Compositional Chairs Game

Children learn best when they engage through a broad range of activities. Antony Hubmayer finds that combining technology and group composition with his variation of the 'musical chairs' game can achieve tangible music learning outcomes. This document explains the idea that not only improves student compositional skills, but their ICT music skill development.

Audio Engineering – An Industry Perspective

This document discusses a range of issues related to Audio Engineering in the current industry scenario. It touches on training and opportunities to learn, the realities of film scoring and engineering for shrinking budgets, but increasing demands for outputs. It provides some links for follow up. It could be a very interesting discussion starter for secondary students, particularly at senior levels.

Awesome Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards

These documents present a wealth of options for the use of software and online tools for Interactive Whiteboards in the music classroom. ideas range from staff and notation to rhythm games and much more. Hyperlinks are provided in support.


This document describes an approach and set up for using the ‘Just Dance’ series for Nintendo WII to create engaging Performing Arts lessons. It covers equipment, connections, and has some suggested activities and favourites for junior primary.