iPads In The Middle Primary Music Classroom

iPad's as an IWB, relmotely control your laptop, display iPad screen via Airplay, Dropbox & Airdrop, using pages as a tool for your teaching, pages and QR codes: interactive posters, book creator, signature ringtones ipad unit are some of the topics dicussed in this document in order to help students work more creatively in the classroom with technology.

QR Codes in Music Education

This document is a comprehensive guide to the many creative uses of QR codes in music education. It covers what they are, how to create them and read them, and how to link to the desired objects you wish your students to have instant access to. It is a step wise guide, with screen captures and references. Included also is a Who Am I? example file that could be used in the classroom to introduce students to the concept of using them.

Treasure Hunts, Multimedia-Rich Assignments and Interactive Quizzes: QR Codes in Music Education

Discover ways to reinvent student assignments, create interactive displays around your school and new ways to teach music history. Using QR codes – small barcodes that can be read by your smart phone or iPad – you can combine audio recordings, videos, written or spoken text, website links and online maps with physical items like worksheets, posters and signs around your school. Learn how you can teach music history and styles through an interactive musical treasure hunt. Or how students can create multimedia posters that incorporate links to web pages and online videos. We’ll also look at ways to incorporate printed or digital music notation with audio and video: student compositions that include audio of themselves speaking about their compositional process, or a recording of a performance of their work. Lastly, we’ll use QR codes to make simple “”instant response”” quiz questions that can be answered by students quickly and easily from their iPad or smartphone using Google forms.

Explore the flipped classroom

Classroom ‘flipping’ is much more than making a ‘how to’ video. Come and explore how the flip vid works best in music classrooms. For all teachers interested in technology. BYOD (smartphones and camera enabled devices) to this session and create a flip vid for your students today.