Harmonisation on an iPad

This document provides steps to create harmonisation on an iPad with the use of Garageband, there's information about adding your harmonies, saving the pieces and extension activities.

The Compositional Chairs Game

Children learn best when they engage through a broad range of activities. Antony Hubmayer finds that combining technology and group composition with his variation of the 'musical chairs' game can achieve tangible music learning outcomes. This document explains the idea that not only improves student compositional skills, but their ICT music skill development.

iPads In The Middle Primary Music Classroom

iPad's as an IWB, relmotely control your laptop, display iPad screen via Airplay, Dropbox & Airdrop, using pages as a tool for your teaching, pages and QR codes: interactive posters, book creator, signature ringtones ipad unit are some of the topics dicussed in this document in order to help students work more creatively in the classroom with technology.

Creating an Animated graphic Score

Much current music technology is focused on traditional notation. But graphic
notation is still an excellent way to convey musical ideas and it can be easily
utilized within Keynote or PowerPoint for your lessons. It can also animate your
scores in a few simple steps. This document will be useful for junior and high school teachers as well as tertiary level educators. This activity can be taken to the extreme according to your understanding of the six concepts of music, harmonic analysis & imagination. It is also incredibly powerful on an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). Also in this package are a range of images to accompany the creative process.


This document will look at specific methods of notating scores for guitar. From neck diagrams, fingering and complex notation in the style of Tommy Emmanuel. Bound to assist the guitarists in your class as well as yourself. Sample sibelius files are included for versions 4,5, and 6.


The first of these documents outlines the family of Finale products, an alternative scoring program to Sibelius. The other two then have specific steps to assist teachers in creating both Flash Cards and Worksheets. Examples are included in order to see the outcomes. The files refer to the Finale 2008 version.