Virtual Conductor Project

The purpose of the Year 5 Immersion Virtual Conductor program is to provide the ability for our students to receive online training and mentoring from some of Australia’s best musicians and/or conductors. The project would provide the means to allow James Morrison, Richard Gill, possibly Andre Rieu and others, to run a rehearsal of the Immersion Concert Band or String Ensemble, or provide a master class for students learning a particular instrument. The project will use technology such as Microsoft Lync to remove the high cost and travel implications of engaging high calibre performers, conductors and educators to work with our students. Further to this, as this new technology will be mobile, many other departments would be able to utilise this resource to connect and collaborate with others from around the globe. Learn more information about this program within the document.

Music Technology In VET In Schools Programs

This session discusses the integration of music technology into VET Music programs and demonstrates the TPN VET teaching and learning materials that are currently used in around 100 schools nationally. The first half looks at the VET ins Schools sector, the arrangements between schools and RTOs, and also popular qualifications and units that incorporate music technology. The second half provides a demonstration of the TPN VET resources, and guides attendees through the program design process.

The Flipped Orchestra

eLearning to extend music motivation and efficancy in Catholic Schools in Western Sydney. These session notes will demonstrate how the role of learning technology in an inclusive classroom strings program in Western Sydney is extending student motivation and musical learning across the school and home environments and establishing a culture of music performance. Learn about the String Things Program – opportunity for ALL students across a grade (usually grade 3, 4 or 5) to learn a string instrument in the context of a class orchestra and simultaneously understand concepts of music and improvisation.

Studio Sessions – The Answer To Integrating Technology Into High School Music Classrooms

Studio Sessions is a contemporary ICT curriculum program for High School clasroom music. With multiple delivery options provided, Studio Sessions can be implemented to suit your schools' requirements. The 10 Session format can be completed intensively over one term or spread out over 6 or 12 months. Studio Sessions is a dynamic curriculum model encompassing teacher/student feedback and regular content updates to ensure the ongoing relevance of the program. Studio Sessions can be delivered within the classroom using keyboards, computers, iPads or recordable devices such as the JamHub. Each Session contains specialised instructional videos specific to your chosen hardware/sofware options. This resource provides you with a brochure with more information about Studio Sessions as well as a Program Overview example document.

Engagement in Compulsory Music (Keyboard Evolution)

Keyboard Evolution is a unique curriculum based music program for first year high school, which offers easy-to-implement solution to keyboard music in the classroom. It covers all the core elements and many of the key concepts of music understanding in a fun and relevant way for both teachers and students. It can be executed on most brands of portable keyboards or in a lab-style environment. There are two documents provided, one is a brochure outlining everything you need to know about this fantastic program as well as program overview document.

Redefine Your Classroom Using The SAMR Model

Unpack the SAMR model for integrating technology into the music classroom/rehearsal in an attempt to supercharge the teaching and learning outcomes of your students.  A hands-on approach will call upon the collective experience of the room, utilizing the power of collaboration to generate creative ideas/solutions for the integration of technology.  Working in groups, delegates will use the iPad in conjunction with a range of apps to create/enhance a lesson/unit.

Apps For The Instrumental Music Teacher Volume 2

This document holds information about the various applications available for music teachers to incorporate into their band rehearsals, lesson plans and music programs which are both useful and engaging for students to improve their ensemble and inidividual music skills.

The New Printing Press


We'll show you the evoulution of our award-winning classroom music program MUSIC ROOM from print & disc edition to interactive whiteboard and on to iPad. We'll show you our web-delivered RECORDER ROOM – which features a 'flipped classroom' approach, where students log in at home to practice and to view videos & charts for the next lesson… and we'll show you our 'Orff eBooks', WE'RE ORFF! series.

Free Technology Resources For Music Educators

There are numerous free technology resources elementary music educators can incorporate in their classrooms. In this document, many of these and their uses are highlighted in order for students and teachers to effectively utilize them in their music classroom.