The Weekend Warriors program is one that provides a place for mature musicians to get back into playing music. It is supported by the AMA and administered by Recreational Music Making Australia. This program is designed so that any funds remaining after expenses from the performance section of the program (concert door takings) are given to charity.

This is the announcement on the Weekend Warriors website:

Weekend Warriors Australia has announced a partnership with Soundhouse Music Alliance, the music products industry Charity, which encourages Host stores, participants in the Weekend Warriors program and patrons at the Big Gig to choose Soundhouse Music Alliance as their Charity of Choice.

Weekend Warrior host stores, patrons and state clubs have long been contributors to charities associated with music and special needs, as part of their events program.

Soundhouse Music Alliance is a charity with a heritage of over 35 years. It has developed the Special Access (or Banana) Keyboard to bring music to those with disabilities. It has helped music teachers and students for many years get improved access and training with music technology. It is supporting the development of the Young Warriors band program for teens, and has partnered with Musical Futures in developing access to music in schools.

It’s mission is Supporting access to music making opportunities so that our communities are enriched by engaging music participation.

Soundhouse Music Alliance’s key objective is to seek support for effective music making initiatives that provide creative music making opportunities for those individuals and communities that might otherwise not have that opportunity readily available.

For more information on Soundhouse please visit or call 61 (03) 9254 1049