Board Members

Adrian Alexander – Chairman

Adrian is a musician, educator, arts and educational manager, a consultant, an inventor, and a specialist in digital technologies as they apply to live sound, recording and educational pedagogy. His teaching career spanned 19 years in the classroom, and involved many disciplines, including music, physics, electronics, and mathematics. Adrian was also heavily engaged in educational leadership and management in secondary schools. Adrian’s involvement in Soundhouse commenced in 1991, and in 1992, he was appointed the manager of the Alfred Brash SoundHouse at the Arts Centre in Melbourne, growing that facility into the Digital Learning Hub, over another 19 years. During that time he has overseen the expansion of Soundhouse facilities projects, and networks across Australia and internationally, having also delivered projects in Ireland and the United States. He has presented at AMAC, NAMM and the World Music Therapy Congress in Buenos Aires.

Adrian has forged many partnerships with the music industry, in the education and community sectors, and with philanthropists. His current focus is on building the breadth of the Soundhouse community through the development of Music For All. Adrian maintains links with teachers and therapists using the Soundhouse Special Access Kits, continues to incorporate new technologies in order to enhance the creative experiences of those using the kits. Adrian enjoys working in his recording studio, and building his knowledge of both live and studio digital technologies. He still enjoys live playing and is working on new offers on the Sunshine Coast.