The support of our Partners allows Soundhouse Music Alliance to provide such an extensive and wide-ranging programme of grants and awards and we are very grateful for all their support.

There are many ways and many possibilities to assist the activities of Soundhouse. Everyday someone, somewhere in Australia could benefit from the opportunities provided by the making, creating and sharing of music.

Find out how you can become a sponsor of Music for all by emailing

AMA (Australian Music Association)

“The AMA is a non-profit industry association supporting the music trades with a mission of creating more music makers. Music for All is the music products industry charity under a current understanding and the AMA provides regular support to Music for All with shared resources. Its members also support the activities of Music for All.”

Pressroom Partners

“A big thank you to for all their fine work on our website and communications.”

Other Partners

Over several decades, these have been established between Soundhouse Music Alliance and cultural organisations, including Arts Centre Melbourne, Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, community centres and schools in several states across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Many of these were established with the assistance of the music industry, as well generous support for the development of programs by those organisations and their respective supporters. Many of these settings continue to operate programs within their organisation structures.