Music for All

The Soundhouse Music Alliance has taken new steps to be a charity that remains true to its historical roots and mission while finding new ways to further that mission.

With this in mind

The Alliance has re-branded its activities under the new Music for All program, one which makes grants to worthy programs and individuals. Music for All will continue in the development of programs to improve access to music making and music education, the Special Access Kit being a prime example. These programs all require support, so Music for All seeks and receives this support through numbers of channels including partners & donors.

For more details about the activities of our charity, and our grant programs please go to the Music for All website.

Music For All through its fundraising and grant giving activities:

Promotes the life-changing benefits of music making

Supports the musical needs of community music groups and educational organisations

Donates instruments and music tuition to individuals who need our help to express themselves musically

Provides opportunities for Australians of all ages, backgrounds and locations to learn musical skills and be active music makers

Partners with other music, educational, social, allied health, community or philanthropic organisations to develop (or create) sustainable active music making programs throughout Australia