Board Members

David Browne

Born and raised in Adelaide, David commenced his teaching career as a classroom music teacher at Robinvale Secondary College in Northwest Victoria in 1991. With a strong interest in technology and a passion for music, he has been able to combine these two areas to provide unique learning opportunities for country students. His music program was featured in a Telstra commercial in 1999, when Robinvale students were taught violin via video conferencing from a teacher in Melbourne.

Moving to Red Cliffs Secondary College in 2000, David was invited to join the SoundHouse Music Alliance and established the first regional music and media technology training centre under the SoundHouse banner. He became deputy chair of the SoundHouse Music Alliance and travelled to the US and Singapore demonstrating the Special Access Kit. He left SoundHouse in 2008 due to work commitments at school.

David became Assistant Principal at Red Cliffs Secondary College in 2007 and Principal in 2009. In 2010, Red Cliffs piloted a program called FLO (Flexible Learning Options) for students identified as being at risk of disengaging with education. This model has since been established in many schools throughout Victoria.

After 13 years as Principal, David left Red Cliffs Red Cliffs Secondary College in 2022 and moved to the Northwest Victoria Regional Office of the Department of Education, as a Liaison Principal in Emergency Management, supporting over 400 schools and 1000 early childhood settings.

Wanting to return to his involvement in SoundHouse, David self-nominated and accepted as a board member of the SoundHouse Music Alliance in May 2022.